This is

not an


We pursue medical

we are not looking for job seekers

We are looking for pioneers

pioneers who believe

Success is not about job titles but the result of
working together
on something far greater. Something that lasts. Something that
creates impact

our stories

Talent Specialist

Zsófia Keszi

The most rewarding feeling is when you overcome a challenging task. Every time you get more motivated and confident about tackling the next one. I certainly have my team to thank for this: they really guide and support me in making it happen.

We all share the same call for purpose. Listen to what makes us tick.

Medical Science Liaison

Muriel Gazin

I like to discover new things and break through set routines. It’s like action-reaction: you never know what the day will bring.

at Galapagos

We create value through science

*discovering, developing and delivering our innovations to the world.

our stories

Trying to unravel how complex diseases work is what makes my job interesting.

It's a matter of understanding the full picture before being able to find a disease-modifying approach.

Despite the fact that it takes years to get a medicine to patients, it feels like research is moving forward at a fast pace today. It’s motivating to know that our work will help people one day.

Associate Scientist

Damien Ronsse

we think big

This is why we are looking for people who want to play a crucial role in
something vital*

Junior Business Controller

Nathan Vingerhoets

I do fair play soccer competitions, and this is purely based on trust. Trust is crucial to me, both on the soccer field and at work. Here at Galapagos, you can also count on your teammates to score.

*(developing innovative medicines and delivering them to the people who need them most.)

pioneers people with resolve
and determination
sounds like

Help us raise the bar

and make it happen